Sugar Land

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Sugar Land is a large city in the Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown metropolitan area with about 85,000 residents. Like many areas outside of Houston, Sugar Land is growing rapidly and has grown by about 158 percent in the last 10 years.

It got its name because it was originally a sugar plantation, but the city was incorporated in 1959. Sugar is still big for the economy there, as Imperial Sugar is headquartered in Sugar Land. Despite that, it is considered the “Fittest City in Texas,” over the last four years.

If you want to combine sugar and athletic activity, you can go see a Sugar Land Skeeters minor league baseball game and have a nice afternoon out in the sun watching baseball and enjoying your favorite ballpark treat. If you have a few beers during the game, make sure that you pick a designated driver so that you don’t end up facing criminal DWI charges in Sugar Land. While it is always a good idea to plan ahead, people do make mistakes and if you get caught and are going to court for a DWI case, do the right thing.

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Don’t just take whatever punishment is doled out, hire a good DWI attorney in Sugar Land who can fight for your rights and try to get you the best deal possible so that you can avoid the more serious punishments available. A criminal DWI conviction in Sugar Land can be frustrating moving forward and some of the punishments can disrupt your life. Nobody wants to be in that situation from one mistake, so hire the best DWI lawyer in Sugar Land to handle your case.

Remember that DWI attorneys specialize and know all of the ins and outs of drunk driving cases in Sugar Land, so they can be very effective.

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