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According to the latest data compiled by TxDOT from Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports, there were 25,032 alcohol-related crashes in Texas that resulted in 1,057 deaths and 16,877 injuries. There were also more alcohol-related crashes in 2010 that occurred between 2am and 3am than any other hour of the day, and most alcohol-related crashes happened on Saturday.

With these staggering statistics, it’s no wonder that law enforcement in Texas devoted more than 21,000 hours of overtime in a two-week crackdown zeroing in on impaired drivers.

If you were an impaired driver that was caught and arrested for driving while intoxicated, you will first appear before a judge at a first court appearance, which in Texas, is called an arraignment. The arraignment is where the charges will be formally read to you and your DWI attorney. This will be the complaint filed by the district attorney. Evidence relating to your case will be revealed, and may include witness statements, lab test results, and police reports. With the representation of Mr. Martinez, our primary attorney from our Houston DWI law offices, you can be assured that all of this information and paperwork will be reviewed and scrutinized in preparation for your defense and in our effort to get your life back to normal. Contact our DWI law offices today to speak with Mr. Martinez, our most experienced DWI attorney, about your case and the probation process.

Once the charges have been read to you, the judge will ask you for your plea. Without counsel a defendant in a DWI case may consider pleading guilty, in hopes that the case with go away with a fine or community service. Although this may take place on occasion, those unfamiliar with the law—and in particular with the proceedings in a DWI case—may agree to terms that have severe ramifications. If you received a DWI in Houston and have a Houston DWI attorney representing you, you have the advantage of a person whose been there before, knows how the system works, and is seeing that your rights are being protected, as well as looking out for your best interests. See more DWI information on our Blog.

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If you are a person with a previous DWI conviction, you run the risk of having your probation revoked and being placed in custody pending the outcome of the present case. For these individuals, this arraignment is an extremely critical stage at which a Houston DWI attorney will make sure that all of your particular facts are known to the judge, and all of the options are made available to the you.

Poor choices can lead to poor consequences. Call a Houston DWI attorney and receive the quality representation you need to move forward without having this DWI charge damaging your life and career. A Houston DWI attorney will work with you to provide you with the strongest defense and the highest probability of a favorable outcome in your case.

By Herman Martinez