Privacy Policy

Client confidentially and professionalism are of the greatest importance to me and all those associated with my business. We take pride in this fact.

All discussions with attorneys, with some rare exception, are completely confidential. For any information you pass onto me to be disclosed I would require your written consent.

DWI arrests and the subsequent charges may leave you feeling bewildered and embarrassed but it is always best to be totally honest with a lawyer. An experienced DWI lawyer will have heard everything before and by having as much information as possible they will be best able to provide your defense.

Information we have procured from you will only be used in relation to your specific case when we contact you. It is possible that we might contact you in the future regarding matters that we feel could be of interest to you.

Any time you wish you can contact us to view what data we have stored on you within our database and we can delete what you want.