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When most people hear about Richmond, they don’t think of Richmond, Texas, they think of the city in Virginia by the same name. Richmond in Texas is a relatively small town located about 30 miles outside of Houston. Despite its small size, with a population of about 12,000, Richmond is home to the county seat of Fort Bend County, so all of the county government offices are located in its city limits.

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Like many small towns in America, there is not a lot to do in Richmond, so the locals have to make their own fun through parties and pastimes. The weather does stay warm most of the year, with the lowest average high temperature falling to only 62 degrees in January. That means that outdoor activities are popular year round, and many people in the area enjoy fishing or hunting.

Those activities are often paired with beer either during the activity or afterward, but make sure that you exercise caution if you need to drive home afterward. Far too often, people underestimate the impact of the beer they drink while out in the hot sun and end up taking chances with their safety and their future by risking DWI charges in Richmond.

If you do get pulled over, make sure that you call the best Richmond DWI attorney you can find to guide you through the case and try to get you the best deal possible. Keep in mind that DWI lawyers in Richmond specialize in these cases and know how the system works. That means that they know what your likely best-case scenario is and how to work toward it for you. As a result, trying to handle the case without a good Richmond DWI lawyer is a big, unnecessary risk.

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