La Marque

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La Marque is a city in Texas that is located just under an hour outside of Houston by car. The city was once known as Lamarque, and is part of Galveston County.

There is not a lot to do in La Marque, as it is such a small town that most people know a lot of their neighbors and find fun activities to do in and around the city with their friends and family.

People in La Marque enjoy heading into Houston from time to time for a sporting event, such as an Astros, Rockets or Texans game. Just remember that if you’re driving in from a town like La Marque you need to be very careful not to drink too much while you are out at your activity, as you have a long drive home. Driving home both tired and after drinking can result in DWI charges in La Marque because you had a few too many to drink at the ballpark and didn’t give yourself time to sober up.

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In La Marque, people often try to throw their own parties or invite friends over to relax outdoors and have a few drinks since it is such a quiet town and there is not a lot to do. If you end up trying to drive home after having too much to drink at a friends’ place, you could also end up facing a criminal DWI case in La Marque.

In that instance, make sure you hire the best DWI lawyer available to guide you from start to finish in your case and get you the best deal possible. A good DWI attorney in La Marque can make a big difference in the outcome of your case, so do not take any chances.

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