Pickup Hits Motorist And Houston Police Officer, Driver Accused Of DWI

Pickup Hits Motorist And Houston Police Officer, Driver Accused Of DWI

On Saturday, October 5, a Houston police officer and a motorist were slightly injured after they were struck by an allegedly intoxicated driver.

KHOU Houston reports that the motorist got a flat tire along Tidwell Street near Wayside Road around 4 a.m. The officer stopped to assist and turned on his lights to alert other drivers that the two vehicles were there on the side of the road.

Shortly after the officer pulled over, a pickup truck rear-ended the squad car, which in turn sent the squad car into the vehicle with the flat tire. All three vehicles involved sustained minor damage, it seems.

The officer and the driver of the car with the flat tire were both taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for minor injuries. The driver of the pickup was not injured, but he was arrested on suspicion of DWI.

Stories like this illustrate why law enforcement agencies take DWI so seriously. The situation grows more dire when it’s a second or third offense, rather than a first, with the potential punishment growing more severe with every previous conviction.

If you are ever accused of driving while intoxicated, especially if it is not for the first time, it is absolutely vital that you take proactive steps to arrange for a vigorous defense. If you do not take charge of your situation, perhaps with the assistance of an experience Houston criminal defense counselor, you are very much at risk for losing the best opportunity you have to make your case.

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