Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty To DWI

Dina Lohan Pleads Not Guilty To DWI

Dina Lohan, the mother of troubled actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, pleaded not guilty to DWI on Sept. 24.

We are not writing about this story because we care about its tabloid elements. Rather, we think it is worth writing a post about because it contains some lessons that would be valuable to our Houston audience.

Lohan, 50, was arrested in New York on Sept. 12 after she was allegedly pulled over while driving 77 mph in a 55 mph zone. She was supposedly given a blood-alcohol content test that showed her BAC to be 0.20. In New York, Texas and all of the other 48 states, the legal BAC to drive is 0.08

Lohan will next appear in court on Oct. 23.

As you may be aware, Lindsay Lohan has struggled with substance abuse herself, having been admitted to rehabilitation programs six times. She has been candid in interviews about how both of her parents have also had their own troubles with alcohol and drugs; her estranged father, Michael, has also graduated from rehabilitation program before relapsing.

What we see when we look at this is a family that is, for some reason and in some way, predisposed to have difficulty creating healthy relationships with alcohol and other substances. This is not an excuse for any kind of illegal behavior, of course, but it might be at least something of an explanation. In our society, some people are not getting the help they need to overcome problematic relationships with dangerous substances.

If you are ever accused of driving while intoxicated, please do not react to these charges blithely. It is very important that you approach them with seriousness and gravity

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