Galena Park

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Galena Park Texas is located on the East edge of Houston and north of Pasadena. It’s a small town, where people can enjoy the feel of more suburban or even rural living while still being close to a big city like Houston.

Galena Park has been around since 1835, originally as a small settlement.

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As a small city near Houston, there is not a lot to do right inside of Galena Park, which means that residents also have to drive somewhere for weekend activities. While it is nice to be conveniently located east of Houston, with trips into the city or out to the beach available as easy options, it also presents risks.

If you have to drive into Houston for a night out on the town and then drive back at the end of the night, it is very important that you plan ahead and try to arrange for a designated driver so that you do not get into any trouble. A DWI case in Galena Park can really ruin a fun night out with your friends.

If that does happen, make sure that you call a good DWI attorney in Galena Park that can give you the best chance of dodging any serious repercussions for your actions.

Likewise, if you drive out to the beach and spend a day lounging in the sun, sand and water, you might get buzzed a little bit quicker from a beer or two so you’ll need to be careful. Again, a criminal DWI case in Galena Park is a bad ending to a fun day, but if it happens just find yourself a great Galena Park drunk driving lawyer to represent you and provide a vigorous defense.

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