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Friendswood Texas is in between Houston and Galveston and actually splits two counties. Part of Friendswood is in Harris County, while another part of the city is in Galveston County. Around 40,000 people live in Friendswood.

Friendswood is an increasingly popular place to live, moving onto the rankings made annually by CNN and Money magazine as of 2007. The city was created in 1895 by Quakers, and is still the headquarters of the Quaker Society in the area.

Actions to Take When You’re Seeking a Friendswood DWI Lawyer

Friendswood can be something of a quiet town, so a lot of times the residents will make their own fun by throwing parties or inviting each other over to barbecue or hang out in the pool. Often these gatherings include alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine, but if you plan to have a few drinks you should always arrange for somebody else to drive. Sometimes finding a place to crash with a friend is a good option as well.

If, however, you do make a mistake and get behind the wheel of your vehicle after having too much to drink, you may end up facing criminal DWI charges in Friendswood. If you find yourself in that unsavory situation, remember that you do not want to make another mistake and compound the first.

In other words, do the smart thing and hire a Friendswood DWI attorney who knows the local system and can try to arrange a deal for you that will not restrict your ability to get to and from school or work and handle your normal tasks.

That way you will be right back to your normal Friendswood routine, hanging out with your friends and enjoying entertaining conversations and a few drinks. Just remember that you do not want to take any chances if you are facing a DWI in Friendswood, as the penalties can be steep.

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