If the police confiscated my license does that mean it is suspended?

Normally the police will only confiscate your license if you refuse to give them a blood test, but even after the confiscation your license won’t be suspended, you will receive a notice of suspension. After getting the notice of suspension, you will have 15 days to file a hearing to recover your license. This hearing is called ALR hearing.

If you do not file for a hearing then your license will be confiscated on the 40th day following the day you received you notice of suspension.

If you consented to give the test then the letter of suspension will only be sent to you by the DPS (Department of Public Safety) if your blood alcohol level is 0.08 or higher. After receiving the letter of suspension in such a case, you will have only ten days after you receive the letter from the DPS to file for a hearing to recover your license.