How much will all this cost me?

You will be required to pay most of the costs associated with a Houston DWI only after you have been convicted for it either by losing a trial or by a plea bargain. If you are proven guilty then you must pay the court fees, court fines and if the court puts you on probation then a monthly probation $40-$60/ month. You may also be asked to pay for special classes and chemical testing ordained to you by court.

Furthermore, whether you win or lose the case you will also have to pay attorney fees, Bonds posted for Jail release, the cost of travel to and from the court, and higher insurance premiums. You may also lose wages during the time you miss work to attend court.

After your conviction you will likely have to pay a surcharge levied on you by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This usually amounts to $1000-$2000 per year for three years. You must also file for a SR-22 two years – insurance policy with the TDP which usually adds up to $3000.

If your case involved an accident, then you must pay for all the damages that you are responsible for. These can usually exceed hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Summing it all up, if you have been convicted for a Houston DWI, even without an attorney, your expenses may be in the range of $7,620-$10,620. However, if you hire an attorney and they are able to reduce or dismiss your case, your charges may be greatly reduced.