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  • "Case Dismissed! I really could not have imagined a better result than this. He was able to get my case dismissed and saved my drivers license from being suspended in the process."

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  • "Herman defended me aggressively and was able to get my case dismissed. I spoke to many other lawyers and he was very affordable and in many cases charged far less for his high level of experience. He exceeded all of my expectations while representing me and I am absolutely positive my case result would have been different if I went with any other lawyer."

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  • "My circumstances were especially bad because this was my second DWI offense. While other peoples lawyers were not showing up or being disregarded by the judge, Herman was on time everyday and was the only attorney I saw that was respected by the judge. He always spoke up for me in my defense and after meticulously assessing my situation was able to help me come to a more than fair resolution. I would recommend him to anyone facing a DWI."

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  • "‪Amazing lawyer with a very detailed approach to helping his clients. I felt lost when I received my DWI and Herman was the only one that was able to take the worry and pressure off of my shoulders. He put my tensions at ease and personally handled each aspect of my case. He walked me through each step making sure my case was always headed in the right direction with choices I was comfortable with. My case ended up being dismissed and I know it was all due to him. If it was not for him, I know that my case would have been a complete nightmare."

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Houston DWI Attorney

DWI attorney Houston TXA criminal DWI (Driving while intoxicated) offense is taken very seriously in Houston and in the State of Texas. Our Houston DWI attorney takes equally as seriously to provide the best possible outcome for your case. DWI is a serious crime with serious consequences, such as loss or suspension of your driver’s license, loss of employment, family strife, and the loss of your freedom. Fortunately, we are the criminal law firm that can help you, and we are just a phone call or email away. The DWI arrest is just the beginning of a legal process. It doesn’t necessarily mean automatic jail time, fines, or loss of driving privileges—but you need to know how to steer your way through this and guard your rights to have the greatest chance of a positive outcome.

At the Houston DWI Law Firm, we have the experience and training to make sure your rights are protected and you have the best chance of success. Contact us to speak with a Houston DWI lawyer today and discuss the details of your case over a free consultation.

Questions about DWI?

Did you know that you can be charged with an offense even if your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is not above the legal limit of .08?

If a law enforcement officer can prove you are impaired to the extent legally required, these observations that lead to being stopped and arrested:

• Making a turn too widely or narrowly
• Using two lanes, straddling the center line
• Almost hitting someone or something
• Weaving or drifting from one side of the road to another
• Driving too slowly and being overly cautious
• Driving too close to vehicle in front of you
• Driving on the center lines
• Erratic braking
• Swerving to correct course of vehicle

If you are arrested for DWI in Texas, you could receive a license suspension of 90 days up to two years. If you are a commercial driver, a breath test refusal or failure will result in an automatic one year disqualification of your Commercial Driver’s License. The arresting officer will take your Texas driver license and issue you a temporary driving permit and a Notice of Suspension. You then have 40 days to contest the suspension, but you only have 15 days to make that request.

This is only step two in the process—but you can already see how important it is to grasp all of the details and implications that emerge at every turn. Our Houston DWI attorney knows that all of this can be difficult to understand, especially in the midst of the confusion, stress, and upheaval that a DWI arrest can cause. Our criminal law firm has handled hundreds of DWI cases successfully, and this is why our law firm should be working with you every step of way. We will make certain your rights protected, you are kept informed of what is happening and what to expect, as well as serve as an experienced counselor to guide you through this sometimes lengthy and upsetting road.

The loss of your driver’s license can impact your work, family, and overall quality of life. If you enter a guilty plea or no contest for your DWI, the fees and expenses incurred for your charge of driving while intoxicated could reach over $10,000. This doesn’t include the time, money, and energy of securing alternative transportation to get to work, to drop your kids at school, to run errands, and to go out. Remember, the loss or suspension of your driver’s license will take effect 40 days after the arrest if you don’t ask for a hearing to contest the charge. A Houston DWI lawyer from our law firm will offer you their expertise at this hearing and will work to prevent your license from being suspended. Having our law firm represent you on your DWI charge could be the difference between the loss of your license, jail time, and other harsh terms imposed by the judge—and small fines, probation, community service, or the possibility of having the charges dropped.

A Houston DWI Law Firm attorney will make certain that all of the administrative procedures were followed in your arrest and that the evidence collected has been processed correctly. Our Houston DWI criminal lawyer will also work with the District Attorney’s Office to review the validity of the case and to discuss other options that might be available. These are tasks that you can’t accomplish if you represent yourself; but an attorney from the our criminal DWI Law Firm has done this successfully for other clients, and will do so for you.

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The Houston DWI Law Firm focuses on DWI and criminal law. Our criminal attorneys don’t handle other types of cases, so our firm knows Texas DWI law, understands the legal process, and is familiar with the judges and the workings of the courts in Houston. Protecting your rights is top priority. Our DWI lawyers in Houston are professionals in aiding people charged with DWI offenses. Our law firm has enjoyed a reputation of being professional, outspoken, and aggressive advocates for our clients. The Houston DWI Law Firm will protect your rights and provide you with the representation you need to solve this problem and move forward in your life. Contact us today for a free DWI consultation with an criminal DWI attorney.

By Herman Martinez

Houston Bar Association, NACDL, National College for DUI Defense, Hispanic Bar Association of Houston